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Merchandise Vendor

Unleash your creativity and showcase your vibrant merchandise at our Fiesta Mexicana Mercado! Join the buzzing atmosphere as we celebrate Mexican culture and heritage.


From unique clothing to captivating jewelry and crafts, captivate a diverse audience with your one-of-a-kind creations. Be part of this exciting event, gain exposure, and boost your sales. Don't miss this opportunity to be a cherished vendor at our Fiesta Mexicana!


Reserve your booth now and let your products shine!


Snack Vendor

Calling all snack vendors!


Get ready to tantalize taste buds and delight festival-goers at our Fiesta Mexicana! With minimal or no on-site preparation, bring your delicious snacks and join our lively culinary landscape.


From crispy delights to refreshing treats, make mouths water and become a sought-after vendor. Be part of this vibrant celebration at Calder Plaza and establish your presence with flavorful snacks.


Secure your booth today and make your mark at our Fiesta Mexicana!


Food Vendor

Attention food vendors!


Prepare to serve authentic Mexican cuisine at our Fiesta Mexicana! Join us in offering an unforgettable culinary experience to a diverse and enthusiastic crowd. From savory dishes to mouthwatering desserts, transport attendees to the heart of Mexico with your culinary creations.


Calder Plaza is your stage to showcase your skills and leave a lasting impression!


Secure your spot as a food vendor at our Fiesta Mexicana and become a highlight of the event!


Programa de Mercadito 

New entrepreneurs, this is your chance to shine at our Fiesta Mexicana through our Programa de Mercadito!


Showcase your unique products and be part of the celebration of Mexican heritage and culture. We're here to support and promote emerging businesses like yours, providing a platform to captivate a wide audience and build brand recognition.


Join our Mercadito program, connect with passionate festival-goers, and establish your business as an integral part of the Mexican heritage community.


Apply now for this exciting journey of growth and success!

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