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The organization is in a process of change to focus not only on one event a year, but also to work in collaboration with the different leaders and organizations of our community and abroad that offer help to our Mexican community in Western Michigan.


Several projects are on the doorstep and many initiatives.


However, it is important to highlight the importance that each of you as a community has in the development and achievements of any event or project.


The reason is simple; this is for you, for those who arrived before, for those who are, those who were born here and for generations in the future.


We need your support in different areas, but the most important thing is the commitment to feel proud ambassadors of our culture.


There are many opportunities for them to be part of this organization and with the new generations, new plans and possibilities.


Thank you all for your support and affection.


For allowing us to be the oldest cultural event in the city of Grand Rapids and for being an example of organization and quality for many.


Be part of this new stage of the Mexican Heritage Association in Western Michigan.

Thanks for submitting!

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