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In 1969, a group of Mexican women had the vision of sharing their cultural heritage with the community at large. Among them was Mrs. Maurila Blakely Ortiz, who was often involved as an organizer with the traditional kermés, a festival for

charity. That evolved to become today’s Fiesta Mexicana.

Her restless efforts to keep our heritage alive with dignity allow us to harvest the fruits of people who like her invested their time and energy to guarantee a brighter future for generations to come. Thanks to her and the many that have planted the seeds for the past 52 years, we can see beyond the struggle for validating the richness of our culture in the mainstream mindset.




Today we attempt to emulate social change, wellness, and unity for all through learning from other cultures while sharing our Mexican Heritage.


To promote and educate the public about Mexican culture, customs, history, traditions, and the contributions of Americans with Mexican Heritage through promoting and participating in community events and services.

Flagship Event

The Mexican community has been in Grand Rapids for generations, and it is the largest Latin ethnic group in West Michigan and continues to grow. Fiesta Mexicana is our flagship event and is one of the oldest ethnic festivals in Grand Rapids. It has been an icon in our community for 52 years and every year we converge at Calder Plaza for three days of music, dance, art, and food.

Our Emphasis

To grow the support from the youth in our community by

providing engaging, and cultural activities where our youth can learn about the culture and traditions. Cultivating and sharing our heritage with all residents and visitors to this beautiful state of Michigan


How do I get involved?


During the year there are several activities in which the committee is present. Either by organizing an activity to support the Mexican community or to be part of some other event.

Send us your details, the area you would be interested in supporting and the date you are available.



Do you accept donations?



On the page, you will find our address to make donations with the title of attention to La Fiesta Mexicana,



How do I rent a booth at the Fiesta Mexicana?


You can send us an application request, with information about your business or organization. We will send you the details of how the cost and requirements.

What are the areas where I can participate?

Opportunities to collaborate are divided into areas and committees. You can tell us what you would like to do during the weekend of the Festival and you will be happy to join the great team.

Do you have immediate opportunities?


Another way to collaborate is by informing and sharing with others. It is very important for our organization that people do not only recognize the importance of the Mexican community in Western Michigan, its contributions and achievements.


But also the importance of other communities knowing more about our history and legacy, proudly making you know more about Mexico makes you an ambassador of our rich culture.


1.- Several times a year we receive


Invitations to participate in events to promote culture.


You can be an ambassador and represent us at schools or events.


2.-Collaborating/helping in the promotion area of our community (we always need video interviews or photos of businesses/organizations of compatriots in West Michigan for our page.


3.- Planning in the area of activities for children and young people.


4.-Submitting a video or photograph with your story.


For the #ProudOfOurPeople section



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